Welcome to St Margaret’s CE Primary School


Dear Parents

Welcome to the St Margaret’s CE Primary School, Withern website. It is my pleasure and privilege to be the Head Teacher of such a vibrant, inclusive and very happy school. Our children are very well-behaved, they work hard, try their best and thoroughly enjoy their learning – they are, quite simply, brilliant children!

In recent years the school has regularly been one of the top performing primary schools in Lincolnshire and nationally. Our phonics results in 2017, for example, placed the school in the top 3% of schools nationally. This fantastic achievement is down to the rich curriculum, the relationships established between school and home, the hard work of the children and the commitment and ability of a talented staff.

Our staff are committed to making learning exciting and interesting by selecting interesting study themes and linking real experience and visits to the study theme each term – an imperative for us is to be involved with and explore the local community and environment as part of our curriculum. Alongside the organised visits and visitors linked to learning there are also many opportunities to develop personal interests through the many sports and after school clubs which range from football and golf to cookery and music.

Our outdoor learning space is quite exceptional and every child within our school knows about the environment and how we can take care of it. They work surrounded the organic growing area, a pond, outdoor science laboratory, a unique outdoor centre for mathematics and botanical gardens with our specially employed outdoor learning teaching assistants and, through that closeness to the natural world, they come to appreciate the wonder of creation.

There is a very real sense of community within our school – we are a family school. However, we recognise our duty to raise awareness with regard to all aspects of community cohesion. We are part of a larger Christian community and, through working with the local diocese and other church schools, we teach essential values such as compassion and humility.

We are also an ’International school’ and the children are able to enjoy a multi-cultural educational experience. As an IPC school (International Primary Curriculum) all children study another country every term, they learn about and appreciate the interdependence of all countries in the world.

A core part of our school improvement comes through our ‘collaborative partnership’ with other local schools. This partnership allows pupils, teachers and parents another opportunity to work beyond our own school. This is reflected in a request to our school by the Minister for Schools about working with other schools ‘so that all children get the chance to go to a school which is as good as yours.’

We have an obligation to give all the children in our care the very best education and childhood we can – please come and visit us to see for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you

Mr James Siddle

Head Teacher