Staff & Govenors


Headteacher:Mr J Siddle
Class Teachers:Mr J Siddle (Class 3)
Mrs Poller (Class 2)
Mrs Spendlow (Class 1)
Mrs Lewis (Class 1)
Mrs A Halsall
Teaching Assistants:Mrs A Williams
Mrs J Dodson
Mrs D Denby
Mrs J Marshall
Miss L Martin
Mrs L Dowling
Miss H Smith
Miss R Woods
In School Author:Mrs H Reeves
Midday Supervisors:Mrs J Bullivant
Mrs J Marshall
Admin Team:Mrs J Bullivant
Mrs L Smith
Caretaker:Mr D Cobden
Bus & Playground Supervisor:Mr D Cobden


Chairperson:Nick Denby
Vice Chairperson:Mike Millward
Headteacher:James Siddle
Clerk to the Governors:Ingrid Ashton
Child Protection Officer:Will Hart
Finance:Linda Smith
Link Governor:Lorraine Turner
Health and Safety:Don Martin
Teacher Governor:Laura Spendlow
Governor:Joanna Lazell
Joy Ashe
Charlie Lister