Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

In a morning, Year 3 is taught by Mrs Poller, Mrs Newton and Miss Norman, but Mrs Denby and Mrs Siddorn also help out too. In an afternoon, Year 3 is taught by Miss Walker.

We are an inquisitive group in Year 3 and really enjoy sharing our learning in school.


Knowledge Organisers:

Please see below a copy of all the Knowledge Organisers for Year 3.



Year 3 Living Things and Their Habitats 2019

Year 3 Rocks 2019

Year 3 Forces 2019



Year 3 Active Planet 2019

Year 3 Active Planet (2) 2019

Year 3 Young Entrepreneur – Money and Trade 2019



Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age 2019



Year 3 Islam 2019