Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Class three is a mixed year  four, five and six class taught by Mrs Halsall and Mr Siddle. A range of targeted interventions are run in the afternoons by Mrs Siddorn, Mr Calaby, Ms Shaw-West and Ms Davey.

In literacy we will start the term by looking at writing diary extracts which will be linked to a WOW experience. Later in the term we will be studying and writing autobiographies and biographies linked to Roald Dahl and other popular children’s authors.

We will continue to use the Maths: No Problem Singapore maths scheme. This will be complemented by an assortment of other maths activities, including outdoor maths sessions and problem solving.

In science this term we will be exploring the function of the circulatory system and how exercise, diet and drugs can impact on our bodies and health.

In RE this term we will continue to focus on Buddhism, in particular beliefs and journeys.

Our topic work will continue with What Price Progress? Exploring a range of inventions through the centuries and ultimately creating our own targeted product and packaging.